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Can you relate to this guy?

Are you trying to run your business from a bunch of Excel Spreadsheets?  Frustrated with a legacy system?

You are at the right place!

As your company continues to grow, you may eventually need to consider moving to a more powerful solution. At Gain Focus Technologies, our mission is to help our clients enhance their business processes through the implementation of technology solutions, making them more efficient and profitable as a result. We can help you review your needs to see if you need to start looking to upgrade your existing software solution.

The following are some danger singals that you are outgrowing or have already outgrown your existing solution:

• You are using a DOS based solution of any kind.

• You are using a "homegrown" solution where you are at extreme risk if your programmer or in-house developer decides to pursue other employment, retire, etc.

• You have a need for more than 10 users to be using the software simultaneously and you must frequently have people log off of your software in order to perform certain tasks.

• You need an eCommerce solution such as EDI or web-enabled
ordering that interfaces fully with your accounting software without the need for re-keying data.

• You are developing the need for true manufacturing capabilities including material, machine and employee scheduling.

• You are a pharmaceutical firm or some other type of firm that is developing a need or already has a need for advanced Serial and/or Lot Tracking capabilities.

• You have multiple locations or employees that travel, but still need to access your system.

• You have a need for a web portal as a repository of information, with appropriate security, for your customers, vendors, employees and business partners.

If any of the above are true about your business, it may be time to consider alternatives.  At Gain Focus, we can help you evaluate your software needs and make 3 recommendations for an ERP solution that will fit your business needs.  We charge only for our time evaluating your business needs and we are completely independent and receive no commissions from anyone for this service.  If you are interested in this please call or email.