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Gain Focus Technologies was founded in 2004 by Don Gilsdorf.  Don has 27 years experience as a Macola consultant after leaving a successful career as a Controller in several manufacturing concerns.


Don was educated at Indiana University with a Business Major with emphasis in Accounting.  Don holds several Macola certifications from Accounting through Manufacturing for both Macola Progression and Macola ES.  Don is located near Mobile, AL on the gulf coast.

In addition to his Macola expertise, Don is one of the foremost crystal reports experts on the web, having been recognized as such by and

Starting in 2019, Don has embraced Sage 50 for smaller businesses and SAP Business One for medium sized businesses, while still offering support for Macola.

Our Philosophy:

We are here for You: At Gain Focus Technologies, we believe we are here to serve the customer.  Even though we specialize in the Sage 50, SAP Business One and Macola product lines, we do not believe we are here for the benefit of any particular software vendor.  We can and have promoted technology solutions the above if it is in the best interests of the customer.

Support Contracts: We do not believe in support contracts.  Support contracts are too often ambiguous on what is and is not covered.  Many times the customer feels taken advantage of when even the quickest of support calls shows up in the in basket the following week as an invoice.  This is where we are different.  If you use our time and expertise, and we will bill you.  If we did our jobs right, we will get paid.

Isn't that simple, easy and fair?

Retainers: We do not typically ask for retainers (some programming projects are an exception).  Again we perform the work, support or consulting desired, and we invoice you for our time.  Also, you will not get dinged for every 2 minute support call or email. 

No Solution=No Charge: We don't believe in charging for a "non solution".  If you check our references you will find a couple of occasions where we failed to deliver as promised, and had the personal and business integrity to not charge the customer.  Thankfully for both Gain Focus and the customer, these are few and far between.  We manage this by offering "not to exceed" quotes on VB or Flexibility programming, Wisys Process Development, Crystal Reports, SQL Programming or Event Manager projects.  We feel this type of approach is a win-win.

Proactive approach: We take a proactive approach to software support.  If we become aware of an issue with product we work with, you are likely to get an email or a call from us to see if and how it applies to you and your business.  We also like to talk at least quarterly to see what your business is doing, where the next technology challenges may be, etc.