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Macola 10 is the Flagship ERP Product of Macola Software.  A full featured Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, CRM, Business Process Management and eCommerce business software solution, Macola 10 is fully supported by Gain Focus Technologies.

Synergy is a browser based business tool that provides insight into all areas of any business by uniting disparate systems into one data source.


Synergy provides a classic "paradigm shift" by supplementing the traditional corporate ERP software

Some of Synergy's fuctional areas are:

• CRM - centralize every aspect of your business around your customers and prospects
• Document Management - constant business and knowledge retention across your organization
• HR Management - manage your personnel with security, roles and rules based access
• Project Management - seamlessly connect budgets, resources, documents and tasks to projects
• Reporting - real-time reporting and analysis for informed operational decision making
• Workflow - increase operational efficiency and replace manual, unsecured processes
• Portals - securely allow employees, suppliers, resellers and customers to access critical business information through Internet portals, anywhere and anytime

Synergy is truly "Beyond ERP".

Macola ES is a robust Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing ERP solution.  At Gain Focus we are fully certified in the Progression to ES Conversion, ES Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing.  

If you need help using Macola ES and struggling, please let us know.

Macola Progression is Macola Software's oldest ERP product still being used worrld-wide.   A robust package with full featured Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing and eCommerce capabilities, Macola Progression has won many awards and is one of the leading mid-market ERP packages of our times.

At Gain Focus Technologies we are fully certified in all Progression modules and have many years of real-world experience to back us up.  If you need help with Progression please contact us today.



Knowledgesync, also known as Event Manager, is a Business Activity Monitoring package that works with any ODBC compliant database.  With Knowledgesync, you can monitor your Macola or other databases for any event (or non event) and take appropriate actions such as email notifications, report generation, Synergy workflow notifications, update web sites, etc.